Blooming apple tree

Blossom 1900 €1850

Herbarium No. 51 Scientific Name MALUS PUMILA Common Name Apple blossom Type Brooch Place Possibly Scandinavia Date Circa 1900 Collected by Maker unknown Material 585/1000 gold 14 ct, Natural pearls 1,5-1,8 mm, enamel Size 30,3 x 19,2 mm Total Weight 3 grams Condition Good, 3 pearls have cracks Price 1850 EUR     *

flowering bamboo

Bamboo bracelet €990

Herbarium No. 027 Scientific Name BAMBUSOIDEAE Common Name Bamboo Type Bracelet Place Unknown, Dutch hallmark Date Approximately 1900 Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 Rose gold 18 ct, seedpearls Size 64 x 59 mm Total Weight 13,06 grams Condition Good Price 990 EUR The bracelet depicts the rare phenomenon of a flowering bamboo.