Enamel Hortensia €3650

  Herbarium No. 206 Scientific Name HYDRANGEA Common Name Hortensia Type Earrings Place Italy Date 1970s Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, brilliant cut diamonds, realistic enamelled Size 28 mm Total Weight 18 grams Condition Good. Enamel repair on one petal   Price 3650 EUR               Please follow and like us:

1950's · Boutonnière · Brooch · Carnation · Christian · Enamel · Flower · Italian · James Bond · Language of Flowers · Legend · Men's jewellery · Oscar Wilde · Pink · Symbol · Virgin Mary

Carnation 1950s €3250

Herbarium No. 003 Scientific Name DIANTHUS caryophyllus Common Name Carnation or clove pink Type Brooch Place Made in Milano, Italy Date 1950s Collected by Hallmark 293 for Lina Lazzeri Material 750/1000 18 ct white gold, diamonds, realistic enamelled Size 58 x 33 mm Total Weight 23,3 grams Condition Good Price 3250 EUR     A Boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men on their left lapel. Since the mid 18th century the traditional method was to push the flower’s calyx trough the lapel buttonhole. Although a fairly sturdy ruffled carnation will liven up any outfit, every day, usually a boutonnière…