Coral cherry €1450

Herbarium No. PF 167 Scientific Name Fruit of a tree of the genus PRUNUS Common Name Cherry, Cherries Type Brooch Place Vienna, Austria Date 1950s Collected by Irmgard Bures Material Coral, nephrite, 585/1000 gold 14 ct Size 55,3 x 54 mm Total Weight 15,2 grams Condition Good Price 1450 EUR A Cherry, mon chéri?

Rowan coral berry €920

Herbarium No. 171 Scientific Name ROSACEAE Sorbus Aucuparia Common Name Rowan Tree Type Brooch Place Made in Vienna, Austria Date 1950s Collected by Made by Irmgard Bures Material Precious coral, nephrite, 585/1000 gold 14ct Size 52 x 34 mm Total Weight 11,5 grams Condition Good Price 920 EUR     This brooch is to recognise as a branch of a rowan, a common tree in Austria. In the 1950s, when Irmgard Bures designed this rowan brooch, coral was very fashionable and matched the exact colours of the orange-red berry. Nowadays the use of this organic material is restricted to protect the wildlife.  ROSACEAE Sorbus…