Diamond Carnation €1650

Herbarium No. 003 Scientific Name DIANTHUS Common Name Carnation Type Brooch Place Made France Date Ca. 1890 Collected by Hallmark H>Pin lozenge Material 750/1000 18 ct gold, silver, rose cut diamonds Size 58,6 x 23,4 mm Total Weight 8,8 grams Condition Good Price 1650 EUR     Diamond-set silver and 18ct gold, late nineteenth century, carnation brooch. A boutonnière, or buttonhole,  is a floral decoration worn by men on their left lapel. Since the mid 18th century the traditional method was to push the flower’s calyx trough the lapel buttonhole. Although a fairly sturdy ruffled carnation will liven up any outfit, every day,…

Mistletoe € 475

Herbarium Nr 153 Scientific Name VISCUM ALBUM Common Name Mistletoe Type Brooch Place France Date Ca. 1900 Hallmark PV (wind vane) Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, platinum, natural pearls Size 26,4 mm Total Weight 3,8 grams Condition Good Price € 475       Kissing under the mistletoe was first referred to in late 18th century England. Some claim the origins of this tradition are within Norse mythology. But, history aside, no excuse is needed to kiss a loved one under a real mistletoe, or while wearing this brooch. Source image 3: anaphylaxis.org.uk   Please follow and like us:

1900 · 19th century · Bracelet · French · Garland · Ivy · Language of Flowers · Necklace · Victorian

Ivy French 1900 €1650

Herbarium No. 010 Scientific Name HEDERA Common Name Ivy Type Necklace/Bracelet Place Made in France Date Approximately 1890-1900 Collected by Hallmarks: maker PF, Nr 21496, Tête d’aigle 18 ct gold, Bigornes Material 750/1000 gold, natural pearls Size Bracelet 7.7 x 186 mm. Worn as a necklace the lenght is 396 Total Weight Bracelet 14,4 grams. Extra necklace links and clasp 3,6  grams Condition Good Price 1650 EUR     Ivy is a climbing and creeping plant that covers and binds trees, buildings, actually everything within its reach. Because of this binding aspect of the plant, it has been a perfect…