Enamel Hortensia €3650

  Herbarium No. 206 Scientific Name HYDRANGEA Common Name Hortensia Type Earrings Place Italy Date 1970s Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, brilliant cut diamonds, realistic enamelled Size 28 mm Total Weight 18 grams Condition Good. Enamel repair on one petal   Price 3650 EUR               Please follow and like us:

1950's · Boutonnière · Brooch · Carnation · Christian · Enamel · Flower · Italian · James Bond · Language of Flowers · Legend · Men's jewellery · Oscar Wilde · Pink · Symbol · Virgin Mary

Carnation 1950s €3250

Herbarium No. 003 Scientific Name DIANTHUS caryophyllus Common Name Carnation or clove pink Type Brooch Place Made in Milano, Italy Date 1950s Collected by Hallmark 293 for Lina Lazzeri Material 750/1000 18 ct white gold, diamonds, realistic enamelled Size 58 x 33 mm Total Weight 23,3 grams Condition Good Price 3250 EUR     A Boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men on their left lapel. Since the mid 18th century the traditional method was to push the flower’s calyx trough the lapel buttonhole. Although a fairly sturdy ruffled carnation will liven up any outfit, every day, usually a boutonnière…

Orchid Cattleya €850

Herbarium No 144 Scientific Name CATTLEYA (ORCHIDACEAE) Common Name Orchid Type Brooch Place Continental Date Ca. 1950s Collected by Unknown Material 585/1000 14 ct, enamel, opal Size 33 x 28 mm Total Weight 7,6 grams Condition Good Price 850 EUR     A 1950’s enamel flower brooch, formed as an orchid, enamelled in vivid colours. The Cattleya Orchid is one of the most beautiful orchids in the world. They are also known as “Jewels of the jungle” and “Queen of the orchids.” The history of the regal Cattleya, also known as the “Corsage Orchid”, dates back to the early 19th century when…

Rose Tiffany & Co €4150

Herbarium Nr 132 Scientific Name ROSA Common Name Rose Type Brooch/pendant Place New York Date Approximately 1890 Collected by Tiffany & Co Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, enamel, old European cut diamond ca, 0.25 ct, set in platinum Size 34 x 35 mm Total Weight 14 grams Condition Good Price 4150 EUR     An antique American enamel & diamond flower brooch/pendant by Tiffany & Co, New York, ca. 1890. 18 karat yellow gold, perfectly enamelled rose in velvety purple. A dangling dewdrop, represented by an old European cut diamond 0.25 carat, set in platinum, adds a sparkle. Hallmarked Tiffany & Co. this flower comes with an original…

flowers to sprinkle

Flowers 1950s €4350

Herbarium No 113 Scientific Name BRASSICALES Common Name Set enamelled flower pins Type 13 pins, small brooches Place Italy Date 1950s-6os Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, enamel Size 15,5 – 18 mm Total Weight 36,2 grams Condition Good Price 4350 EUR     A bouquet of enamelled brooches; colourful flowers to sprinkle on your clothes. These pins look great on a collar, but also on a hat or bag. Some pins are identical pairs, but most of them are various flowers. They might be fantasy flowers, but others seem to be Brassicales, a family of flowering vegetables; some…

Köchert antique enameled rose

Rose by Köchert €3950

Herbarium N0. 119 Scientific Name ROSA Common Name Rose Type Brooch Place Vienna Date Approximately 1880 Collected by A.E. Köchert Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, translucent enamel, rose-cut diamonds, a natural pearl Size 36,7 x 25,4 mm Total Weight 8,56 grams Condition Good. Enamel excellent. Boxed Price 3950 EUR     An antique enamelled, natural pearl & diamond flower brooch by Köchert, ca. 1880. The very naturalistic rosebud comes with the original box.A. E. Köchert is one of the oldest jewellers in Austria, founded by Jakob Heinrich Köchert, Vienna, in 1814. The Austrian Empress Elisabeth, Sissi, adorned her hair with diamond stars made…

novelty earrings forget me not golden sickle

Forget-me-not €1950

Herbarium No. 033 Scientific Name MYOSOTIS Common Name Forget-me-not Type Earrings Place London Date 1855-1873. Collected by Harry Emanuel Material Enamel, 625/1000 gold 15 ct – Hooks 585/1000 gold 14 ct Size 38,7 x 15 mm Total Weight 4,79 grams Condition Good. Hooks possibly added later Price 1950 EUR       Harry Emanuel (1825-1898) from London made this exquisite pair of enamelled Victorian novelty earrings. They depict a golden sickle combined with forget-me-not flowers. Harry Emanuel was not only a jeweller but also a politician. He took over his father’s jewellery business in 1855, working there as a goldsmith until 1873. He was mainly known…

Chrysanthemum cufflinks

Chrysanthemums €380

Herbarium No. 100 Scientific Name CHRYSANTHEMUM Common Name Mum, chrysanth Type Cufflinks Place USA Date 1920s Collected by Unknown Material 585/1000 gold 14 ct, enamel Size 13,5 mm Total Weight 7,5 grams Condition Good Price 380 EUR     The name “chrysanthemum” refers to the Ancient Greek: χρυσός chrysos (gold) and ἄνθεμον anthemon (flower). Depicted on these cufflinks are indeed golden flowers; stylized chrysanthemums Most species of chrysanth or ‘mum’, the common name, originate from East Asia. The chrysanth is, according to Confucius, one of the ‘Four Gentlemen‘ (the other ‘Noble Ones’ being the plum blossom, the orchid, and bamboo), each…


Cattleya orchid €1550

Herbarium No. 078 Scientific Name CATTLEYA (ORCHIDACEAE) Common Name Orchid Type Brooch Place Newark, USA Date Approximately 1920 Collected by Henry Blank & Co Material 585/1000 14 k, enamel, natural pearl Size 22 x 23,8 mm Total Weight 5,2 grams Condition Good Price 1550 EUR     An antique American enamel & pearl flower brooch by Henry Blank & Co, formed as an orchid, enamelled in translucent fondant pastel colours. Around 1900, Newark, New Jersey, was considered to be the USA capitol of jewellery. The majority of pieces were made of 14k gold, embellished by skillfully applied polychrome enamels with only…

Blooming apple tree

Apple blossom 1900 €1850

Herbarium No. 51 Scientific Name MALUS PUMILA Common Name Apple blossom Type Brooch Place Possibly Scandinavia Date Circa 1900 Collected by Maker unknown Material 585/1000 gold 14 ct, Natural pearls 1,5-1,8 mm, enamel Size 30,3 x 19,2 mm Total Weight 3 grams Condition Good, 3 pearls have cracks Price 1850 EUR     * Please follow and like us: