Art nouveau Pansy locket

Art nouveau pansy locket opened



Locket, Pendant

Made in France

Approximately 1900



33,3 x 25,9 mm

 4,9 grams





A romantic silver pendant in the shape of a pansy, with a heart shaped petal that can be taken out. This petal functions as a locket, to which for example a small picture can be entrusted. Said element has been engraved with the text: ‘Ma pensée t’accompagne, J’y enferme mon coeur’ (My thoughts are with you, I have encased my heart within). A very sweet message engraved and spoken through the language of flowers.

In Victorian England, flowers were frequently used for secret messages to potential romantic partners. Hidden in a tussie mussie : some greenery wrapped in a doily with relevant flowers in the middle, the pansy was used to express amorous thoughts like in the engraved text.

Pansy, the name of the pretty flower, comes from the French word pensée; the noun derived from penser, “to think” or “ponder over something”.

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