Antique anemone ring

Antique anemone ring

Herbarium No. 181 Scientific Name ANEMONE CORONARI Common Name Poppy anemone, windflower Type Ring Place Dublin, Ireland Date 1856 Collected by Unknown Material Natural seed pearls, ruby, 750/1000 gold 18 k Size   16,91 x 6,6 mm Total Weight 1,4 grams Condition Good. With period box Price Sold     This antique cluster ring is stunning, in perfect condition, but it’s a tiny size. Hallmarked 1856, Dublin, Ireland. It comes with a period box. The white flower with six petals and a red heart looks like an Anemone. Typical for this flower is that its petals close up when a rainstorm approaches, so the…

Love-in-a-mist opal flower ring

Love in a mist

Herbarium Nr 173 Scientific Name NIGELLA DAMASCENA Common Name Love in a mist Type Ring Place Australia? Date Vintage Collected by Unknown Material Opal, 585/1000 rose gold 14 k Size Flower 23,3 x 21,3 mm Total Weight 8,2 grams Condition Good Price 615 EUR     Love-in-a-Mist owns it’s lovely name to the airy bracts and the tangle of fennel-like foliage that forms a mist around the flowers and later around the flowerhead. The ‘mist’ around the Australian opal in this stunning rose gold cocktail ring is less ferny, to make it more wearable. Photo 1 From ‘How to Grow Love-In-A-Mist‘ BY Marie Iannotti…

Georgian mourning ring

The willow and the widow

Herbarium Nr 147 Scientific Name SALIX Common Name Willow Type Mourning ring Place Unknown, European Date Georgian. Ca. 1810 Collected by Unmarked Material 750/1000 gold 18 k, sepia miniature Size 24,7 x 13,4 mm Total Weight 5,8 grams Condition Good. Price Sold     A collectable and wearable Georgian mourning ring, filled with neo-classical symbolism. The pearly beaded rim is such a typical decoration technique, more often seen on silver objects from the period 1780-1820. The navette shape of this ring resembles the shape of a tear. The willow tree is a traditional symbol of mourning. The image further depicts an…

ring with roses

Ring with roses

Herbarium No. 036 Scientific Name ROSA Common Name Rose Type Ring Place England Date Approximately 1880 Collected by Unknown Material 625/1000 gold 15 k, garnet Size 19,7 x 6,8 mm. Ringsize L Total Weight 2,07 grams Condition Good Price Sold     The rose is probably the most popular and prominent flower in Western cultures.   Please follow and like us:

Ivy ring

Ivy Ring

Herbarium Nr 054 Scientific Name HEDERA HELIX Common Name Ivy Type Ring Place Birmingham, England Date 1892 Collected by Albert Sydenham Material 750/1000 gold 18 k Size 18,9 x 8,4 mm Total Weight 5,48 grams Condition Good Price Sold     Ivy is a climbing and creeping plant that covers and binds trees, buildings, actually everything within its reach. Because of this binding aspect of the plant, it has been a perfect symbol of faith and affection since ancient times. Please follow and like us:

Belle epoque · Cushion cut diamond · Dogwood · Edwardian · Old mine cut diamond · Old singlecut diamonds · Platinum · Ring · Symbol of Christianity

Dogwood ring

Herbarium No. 026 Scientific Name CORNUS Common Name Dogwood Type Ring Place Belgium Date Approximately 1910 Collected by Unknown Material Old mine cushion cut diamond circa 0.75 ct, Clarity VVS, light yellow, Old single cut diamonds, Platinum Size 20 x 19,7 mm Total Weight 5,8 grams Condition Good Price 5200 EUR     In the Edwardian period, when this ring was made, platinum was the new black. Platinum is the ultimate metal to create an intricate but strong lacework around the diamonds. In the centre of this ring an old mine cushion cut diamond is set, circa 0.75 ct, Clarity VVS, light yellow,…

Forget-me-not ring

Herbarium No. 017 Scientific Name MYOSOTIS Common Name Forget-me-not Type Ring Place Made in England Date Around 1820 Collected by Unknown Material Turquoise, diamond, 750/1000 gold Size  Flower 9 mm, ring size 51/11/16.2/5= Total Weight 1,4 grams Condition Good. Price Sold     Georgian Please follow and like us: