Art nouveau pansy locket opened

Art nouveau Pansy locket

Herbarium Nr 080 Scientific Name Viola Common Name Pansy Type Locket, Pendant Place Made in France Date Approximately 1900 Collected by Sasportas Material Silver Size 33,3 x 25,9 mm Total Weight  4,9 grams Condition Good. Price Sold     A romantic silver pendant in the shape of a pansy, with a heart shaped petal that can be taken out. This petal functions as a locket, to which for example a small picture can be entrusted. Said element has been engraved with the text: ‘Ma pensée t’accompagne, J’y enferme mon coeur’ (My thoughts are with you, I have encased my heart…

Gold . Walnut . Pendant

Walnut pendant

Herbarium Nr 025 Scientific Name Nut of a tree of the genus JUGLANS Common Name Walnut Type Pendant Place Unknown Date Unknown Collected by *Hallmark GJ (tower in lozenge) Material Gold 750/1000  18 k Size 28,2 x 18,5 x 17,4 mm Total Weight 12,02 grams Condition Good Price 720 EUR     The nut opens like a locket and can secretly hide a tiny treasure. *Further research needed. Please follow and like us:

1930's · Blue poppy · Brooch · Enamel · Natural pearls · Pendant · Poppy · Royal Horticultural Society · USA · Watch

Blue ‘Poppy’

Herbarium N0 011 Scientific Name MECONOPSIS Common Name Himalayan poppy or blue poppy Type Brooch, with an extra hook for a chain or a watch. Place Made in Jamestown NY, USA Date Approximately 1934 Collected by Hallmark Charles E. Baldwin Material Enamel, natural freshwater seed pearls,  585/1000 gold 14 ct. Size 28,4 mm Total Weight 8,4 grams Condition Good Price 1350 EUR     Meconopsis  (from Greek Mekon = poppy, opsis = alike) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Papaveraceae.   Fall 1924, Tibet. The renowned plant explorer Frank Kingdon-Ward comes upon ‘a stream of blue poppies, dazzling as sapphires in the pale light’….

19th century · Bachelor's button · Cornflower · Detachable · Dutch · Language of Flowers · Old mine cut diamond · Pendant · Rosecut diamonds · Victorian

Bachelor’s button or Cornflower pendant

Herbarium Nr 13 Scientific Name CENTAUREA cyanus Common Name Cornflower or bachelor’s button Type Pendant Place Made in the Netherlands Date Approximately 1870 Collected by Unknown maker (AR?), Dutch hallmarks Material Rosecut diamonds, old mine cut diamond, silver and 750/1000 gold Size 58,3 x 23,4  mm Total Weight 9,8 grams Condition Good Price 1550 EUR     The great interest in botany and gardening in the early nineteenth century was reflected in the naturalistic style of the jewels. Sparkling flowers were also worn in the hair. This 19th century diamondset cornflower pendant has a screwfitting at the back, showing it was…