Pearl and diamond floral necklace

Floral necklace

Herbarium No. 145 Scientific Name FLORA Common Name Bouquet Type Necklace Place Belgium Date Ca. 1890 Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 k, silver, rosecut diamonds, mauve and pink naturals pearls Size  mm Total Weight  grams Condition Good Price 3100 EUR     Photo 1: Rijksmuseum. Bloemstudie, Charles Aubry, ca. 1875 – ca. 1895. Photo 3: While searching similar jewellery, I saw neat ladies with hats passing by. However, also a not so typical, unusual photo from around 1900 shows a necklace of this type. In Victorian times, women from the higher class have tattooed their bodies as a…

Dogwood necklace Precious Flora

Dogwood diamond necklace

Herbarium No. 146 Scientific Name CORNUS Common Name Dogwood Type Necklace Place Belgium Date Floral elements ca 1850, new chain Collected by Unknown Material Old mine cushion cut diamond, old European cut diamond, 750/1000 gold 18 k Size  mm Total Weight  grams Condition Good Price 4350 EUR      Dogwood is the common name for a genus of trees and shrubs since 1614. This species has been beneficial in the past as a dye and as a substitute for quinine and tea made from the bark was applied to treat pain or fever for generations.  The name dogwood comes from Dagwood, as the dense hardwood from the stems was used for daggers,…

daisy chain

A daisy chain

Herbarium Nr 077 Scientific Name BELLIS PERENNIS Common Name Daisy, Marguarite Type Necklace Place Made in France Date Approximately 1890 Collected by Unknown Material  750/1000 gold 18 k, natural pearls Size 420 x 12-14,8 mm Total Weight 10,49 grams Condition Good Price  Sold     *In the language of flowers, the daisy symbolizes loyal love, purity, faith, simplicity and innocence. The two Dutch girls on the third picture made themselves a daisy chain, if you’ve never made one, this is the link to their You Tube tutorial. Please follow and like us:

1900 · 19th century · Bracelet · French · Garland · Ivy · Language of Flowers · Necklace · Victorian

Ivy bracelet / necklace

Herbarium Nr 010 Scientific Name HEDERA Common Name Ivy Type Necklace/Bracelet Place Made in France Date Approximately 1890-1900 Collected by Hallmarks: maker PF, Nr 21496, Tête d’aigle 18 ct gold, Bigornes Material 750/1000 gold, natural pearls Size Bracelet 7.7 x 186 mm. Worn as a necklace the lenght is 396 Total Weight Bracelet 14,4 grams. Extra necklace links and clasp 3,6  grams Condition Good Price 1650 EUR     Ivy is a climbing and creeping plant that covers and binds trees, buildings, actually everything within its reach. Because of this binding aspect of the plant, it has been a perfect…

1900 · Chain · Choker · Forget-me-not · Garland · Language of Flowers · Necklace · Rosecut diamonds · Silver · Turquoise · Victorian

Forget-me-not-not-not …

Herbarium Nr. 016 Scientific Name MYOSOTIS Common Name Forget-me-not Type Necklace Place Made in England Date Around 1860/80. Collected by Unknown Material Turquoise, diamond, silver Size  Necklace 41 cm long, flowers 7.2mm Total Weight 7,9 grams Condition Good. Price 820 EUR     Forget-me-not-not-not … Please follow and like us: