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Carnation Boutonnière

Herbarium No. 003 Scientific Name DIANTHUS caryophyllus Common Name Carnation or clove pink Type Brooch Place Made in Milano, Italy Date 1950’s Collected by Hallmark 293 for Lina Lazzeri Material 750/1000 white gold, diamonds, realistic enamelled Size 58 x 33 mm Total Weight 23,3 grams Condition Good Price 3250 EUR     A Boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men on their left lapel. Since the mid 18th century the traditional method was to push the flower’s calyx trough the lapel buttonhole. Although a fairly sturdy ruffled carnation will liven up any outfit, every day, usually a boutonnière is worn…

flowers to sprinkle

Flowers to sprinkle

Herbarium No 94 Scientific Name BRASSICALES Common Name Set enamelled flower pins Type 13 pins, small brooches Place Italy Date 1950’s-6o’s Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 k, enamel Size 15,5 – 18 mm Total Weight 36,2 grams Condition Good Price 4350 EUR     A bouquet of enamelled brooches; colourful flowers to sprinkle on your clothes. These pins look great on a collar, but also on a hat or bag. Some pins are identical pairs, but most of them are various flowers. They might be fantasy flowers, but others seem to be Brassicales, a family of flowering vegetables; some…

Mistletoe enamel


Herbarium Nr 101 Scientific Name VISCUM ALBUM Common Name Mistletoe Type Brooch Place Italy Date 1970’s Collected by Baril Meteo Material 750/1000 gold 18 k, enamel, cultured pearls Size 35,6 x 31,2 mm Total Weight 5,28 grams Condition Good Price Sold       Kissing under the mistletoe was first referred to in late 18th century England. Some claim the origins of this tradition are within Norse mythology. But, history aside, no excuse is needed to kiss a loved one under a real mistletoe, or while wearing this brooch. Source image 3: anaphylaxis.org.uk   Please follow and like us:

bouquet of roses

Bouquet of roses

Herbarium No. 126 Scientific Name ROSA Common Name Rose Type Brooch Place Probably Italian, English import hallmarks Date 1950s Collected by Unknown. Material 750/1000 gold 18 k, enamel, single cut diamonds Size  41,5 x 38,5 mm Total Weight 20,4 grams Condition Good. Price 1450 EUR     Roses are probably the most popular flowers, and they are often depicted in jewellery. A bouquet of roses symbolises gratitude. Peach roses convey modesty, sociability and friendship. The three roses on the third photo are by the impressionist Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919).     Please follow and like us:

Golden everlasting

Golden everlasting

Herbarium Nr 94 Scientific Name XEROCHRYSUM bracteatum Common Name Golden everlasting, or Strawflowers Type 3 Pins, screwsystem Place Italy Date 1950’s-6o’s Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 k, enamel Size 12,4 – 17,6 mm Total Weight 7,54 grams Condition Good Price 875 EUR     *Two pins are identical, the smaller one is matching. These pins look great on a collar, but also on a hat or bag. The pins could, if desired, be altered into earrings. Please follow and like us:

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Pelargonium by Buccellati

Herbarium Nr 023 Scientific Name PELARGONIUM  Common Name Pelargonium, or ‘Geranium’ Type Micro dishes, set of 4 Place Made in Bologna, Italy Date Unknown, vintage Collected by Gianmaria Buccellati Material Sterling silver 925/1000 Size 44 x 42 mm Total Weight 58,16 grams (4 leaves together) Condition Good Price 650 EUR     Four vintage silver leaf dishes with ruffled edges and a distinctive naturalistic veining. Underside hallmarked Gianmaria Buccellati, Italy, 925 Sterling. A pretty floral decoration for the table, they are just big enough to hold tiny trinkets. They are hand finished in Bologna, Italy. Buccellati produces fine jewelry and silver objects ever…

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Herbarium Nr 004 Scientific Name CAMELLIA japonica Common Name CAMELLIA Type Brooch Place Made in Genoa, Italy Date 1950’s Collected by Attributed Antoniazzi Chiappe Material 750/1000 gold, the diamondset flower in whitegold Size 53,8 x  42,2 mm Total Weight 20,1 grams Condition Good Price Sold     La Dame aux Camélias, commonly known in English as Camille, is a 19th century novel and play written by Alexandre Dumas fils. With the 1853 opera La Traviata Giuseppe Verdi put the story to music. The female star in the novel/play had the flowery name Marguerite. In the opera this courtesan was renamed Violetta….