bright Cosmos

Bright Cosmos

Herbarium Nr 76 Scientific Name COSMOS SULPHUREUS ‘Cosmic’ Common Name Cosmos Type Brooch Place Vienna, Austria Date 1950’s-60’s Collected by Ferdinand Godina Söhne Material 750/1000 Gold 18 K, dyed chalcedony, nephrite Size 53,8 x 45,5 mm Total Weight 12 grams Condition Good Price 1450 Euro     This brooch with a daisy-like flower in bright orange and another one in yellow might seem a jeweller’s fantasy. Bright instant happiness; almost to good to be true. The depicted annual is the variously coloured bright Cosmos ‘Cosmic’. The firm F. Godina’s Söhne is one of the oldest goldsmith companies in Vienna. The family-owned…

Viennese Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

Herbarium Nr 46 Scientific Name CONVALLARIA MAJALIS Common Name Lily of the valley Type Brooch Place Vienna, Austria Date 1960’s Collected by Irmgard Bures Material Rock crystal, nephrite, brilliant cut diamond, 585/1000 whitegold 14 k Size 86,2 x 37 mm Total Weight 19,21 grams Condition Good Price Sold     * Please follow and like us:

Viennese violets

Viennese violets

Herbarium Nr 107 Scientific Name VIOLA Common Name Violet Type Brooch Place Vienna, Austria Date 1950’s-60’s Collected by I x S Material Amethyst, nephrite, brilliant cut diamond, 585/1000 gold 14 k Size 84,2 x 51,5 mm Total Weight 34,23 grams Condition Good Price 1750 Euro     All information, or at least a lot, about violets can be found on the website of the American Violet Society Please follow and like us:

antique diamond lilies spray brooches

Divine diamond lilies

Herbarium Nr 117 Scientific Name LILIUM Common Name Lily, Lilies Type A pair of two diamond spraybrooches, with detachable fitting Place Europe, probably the Netherlands Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Gold 750/1000 with 585/1000 pins, Silver setting, old mine cut and rosecut diamonds, natural pearls Size 66,5 x 38,5 (P) & 68,5 x 35,2 (D) mm Total Weight 12,87 (P) & 13,67 (D) grams Condition Good Price 11500 EUR     This pair of diamond set brooches representing lilies is sold together. We may presume, due to their detachable fittings, they once formed part of a splendorous set…

Trembling rambler spraybrooch

Trembling rambler spraybrooch

Herbarium Nr 060 Scientific Name ROSA MULTIFLORA Common Name Rambler rose Type Diamond flowerspray trembler brooch or Corsage ornament Place The Netherlands Date Approximately 1880 Collected by Unknown Material Old mine cut and rose cut diamonds, 585/1000 gold 14 k, silver setting Size 99 x 60 mm Total Weight 44,6 grams Condition Good. One flower trembling. Curved pin changed for a straight pin. Price Sold     * Please follow and like us: