Roses Bernhard Instone

Roses 1960s Instone €990

Herbarium N0. 183 Scientific Name ROSA Common Name Rose Type Set; brooch and earrings Place Birmingham Date 1964-1966 Collected by Bernhard Instone Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct Size Brooch: 52 x 28 mm. Earrings 15 mm Total Weight 11,3 and 4,7 grams Condition Good Price 990 EUR     A pretty set of an 18 k gold brooch and matching earrings with screw system by Bernhard Instone, Birmingham, 1960s. Photo 3: Design for a similar brooch by Bernhard Instone   Please follow and like us:

Earrings Georg Jensen

Jensen earrings

Herbarium No. 166 Scientific Name PLATYSTEMON californicus Common Name Cream cups Type Earscrews Place Denmark Date Vintage Collected by Georg Jensen Material 750/1000 gold 18 k Size Flower 8,7 mm Total Weight 3,1 grams Condition Good Price Sold     A pretty floral pair of earrings by Georg Jensen, with their original box. They are marked with the designer’s hallmark, as well as with the no. 765 322a. The screw back system is safe and comfortable for non-pierced ears. The earrings feature a flower with six rounded petals with a beaded centre. Platystemon is a similar looking plant in the poppy family,…

antique diamond lilies spray brooches

Lilies 1850s €11500

Herbarium No. 117 Scientific Name LILIUM Common Name Lily, Lilies Type A pair of two diamond spray brooches, with detachable fitting Place Europe, probably the Netherlands Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Gold 18ct 750/1000 with 585/1000 pins, Silver setting, old mine cut and rose-cut diamonds, natural pearls Size 66,5 x 38,5 (P) & 68,5 x 35,2 (D) mm Total Weight 12,87 (P) & 13,67 (D) grams Condition Good Price 11500 EUR     This pair of diamond set brooches, representing lilies, belongs together. We may presume, due to their detachable fittings, they once formed part of a splendorous…

Lily of the valley- earclips

Lily of the valley earclips

Herbarium No. 177 Scientific Name CONVALLARIA MAJALIS Common Name Lily of the valley, May lily Type Earclips, for pierced ears Place Austria Date Ca. 1950-1960 Collected by Maker RW, geschutzt Material Rock crystal, Brilliant cut and single cut diamonds, cultured pearls, nephrite, 585/1000 gold 14 k, 750/1000 gold 18 k Size 26 x 18 mm Total Weight 5,8 grams Condition Good Price Sold     A pretty pair of 1960’s white gold gem-set earrings in the shape of a bunch of Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis). The leaves in these vintage earrings are nephrite; the petals are pearls featuring…

Hibiscus-earclips- earrings

Hibiscus earrings €950

Herbarium No. 166 Scientific Name HIBISCUS SYRIACUS Common Name Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon Type Earclips, for pierced ears Place Germany. Probably made in Idar Oberstein. Date Ca. 1960 Collected by Unknown Material Rock crystal, nephrite, ruby, 585/1000 gold 14 k Size 26,47 x 16,64 mm Total Weight 8,59 grams Condition Good Price 950 EUR     * Please follow and like us:

novelty earrings forget me not golden sickle

Forget-me-not €1950

Herbarium No. 033 Scientific Name MYOSOTIS Common Name Forget-me-not Type Earrings Place London Date 1855-1873. Collected by Harry Emanuel Material Enamel, 625/1000 gold 15 ct – Hooks 585/1000 gold 14 ct Size 38,7 x 15 mm Total Weight 4,79 grams Condition Good. Hooks possibly added later Price 1950 EUR       Harry Emanuel (1825-1898) from London made this exquisite pair of enamelled Victorian novelty earrings. They depict a golden sickle combined with forget-me-not flowers. Harry Emanuel was not only a jeweller but also a politician. He took over his father’s jewellery business in 1855, working there as a goldsmith until 1873. He was mainly known…

Beech leafs

Beech 1950s set €1750

Herbarium No. 121 Scientific Name FAGUS SYLVATICA Common Name European beech Type Brooch & Earrings Place Unknown Date Ca. 1950’s Collected by Unknown Material 585/000 roségold 14ct white gold petiole and midrib, pavé set with single cut diamonds Size Brooch: 61,5 x 21,3 Earrings: 37 x 13,3 mm Total Weight Brooch: 9,7 Earrings: 9,5 grams Condition Good Price 1750 EUR     * Please follow and like us:

Basket earrings

Flower baskets €2850

Herbarium No. 123 Scientific Name Unidentified Common Name Baskets filled with gerbera daisies or fantasy flowers Type Basket earrings Place Probably Belgium Date 1950s Collected by Unknown Material 750/000 yellow and white gold 18 ct, synthetic rubies, single cut diamonds. Size 18,8 x 27,4 mm Total Weight 12,2 grams Condition Good Price 2850 EUR     * Please follow and like us:

Almandine violets

Almandine violets

Herbarium Nr 115 Scientific Name VIOLA Common Name Violets Type Earstuds Place England Date Georgian Ca. 1820 Collected by Unknown. Material 375/1000 gold 9 k, foiled almandine garnets, natural pearls Size 15,4 x 14,5 mm Total Weight 3 grams Condition System altered for pierced ears, a spot of solder/repair at the back Price Sold     Roses are often red, and violets are usually blue, but these foiled almandine violets are a lovely shade of burgundy. Their symbolic meaning is Virtue & Faithfulness. More information about violets, in various colours, can be found on the website of the American Violet Society…

violet amethyst earrings Paltscho

Violet earclips by Paltscho

Herbarium Nr 105 Scientific Name VIOLA Common Name Violet Type Earclips Place Vienna, Austria Date 1950’s-60’s Collected by Paltscho Material Amethyst, nephrite, brilliant cut diamond, 585/1000 gold 14 k Size 33 x 19,6 mm Total Weight 10,5 grams Condition Good Price Sold     All information, or at least a lot, about violets can be found on the website of the American Violet Society Please follow and like us:

Antique mirror cut diamond earrings buttercup earrings

Buttercups €1650

Herbarium No. 042 Scientific Name RANUNCULUS REPENS Common Name Buttercup, creeping crowfoot Type Earrings Place Made in Belgium Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Total diamond weight ca. 2.2 carats; Mirror cut or table-cut diamonds, 750/1000 pink gold 18 ct Size 20,4 x 14,9 mm Total Weight 5,39 grams Condition Good. One of the diamonds is damaged in the corner, probably while the stone was originally set, around 1850 Price 1650 EUR         These antique mirror cut diamond earrings were made in Belgium around 1850, set with table cut diamonds in 18 karat gold. The so-called spread table or mirror-cut…

early enamelled Rose earrings

Early enamelled rose earrings

Herbarium No. 037 Scientific Name ROSA Common Name Rose Type Earrings Place Mechelen, Belgium Date Ca. 1830 Collected by Jean Van Hoomissen Material Enamel, 750/1000 gold 18 k Size 27,6 x 6,2 mm Total Weight 1,94 grams Condition Good Price  Sold     The rose is probably the most popular and prominent flower in Western cultures.   Please follow and like us:

Daisy earrings

Daisy earrings €1150

Herbarium No. 082 Scientific Name BELLIS PERENNIS Common Name Daisy, Marguarite Type Earrings Place Made in Belgium Date Approximately 1890 Collected by Unknown Material  750/1000 gold 18 ct, rose cut diamonds, silver setting, natural pearls Size 20,8 x 8,3 mm Total Weight 3,23 grams Condition Good Price 1150 EUR     Daisies are the symbol of innocence in the Language of Flowers. The daisy owes its name to a corruption of “day’s eye”, which refers the flower opening itself at dawn, and closing at dusk. “The Legend of Good Women”, written by no less than Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of…

Enameled pansies A.J. Hedges & Co

Enameled pansies

Herbarium Nr 070 Scientific Name Viola × Wittrockiana hybrid Common Name Pansy Type Brooch and earrings Place Made in Newark, New Jersey, USA Date Approximately 1900 Collected by A.J. Hedges & Co Material Enamel, 585/1000 gold 14 k, old single cut diamonds, natural pearl Size Brooch 31,6 x 30 mm. Earrings 20,5 x 12,9 mm Total Weight  10,10 grams & 4,05 grams Condition Good. Hooks altered Price Sold     “You are always on my mind”,  immortalized by a poetic set of polychrome enameled golden pansy flowers. Such a sweet message spoken through the language of flowers. In Victorian England, flowers were often…

Earrings Flowerbasket

Earrings with a flowerbasket

Herbarium No 067 Scientific Name (flowers not identified) Common Name Flowerbasket Type Earrings Place Belgium (French occupation) Date 1798- 1809 Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 k enamel Size 83 x 22,6 mm Total Weight 7,5 grams Condition Good Price Sold     * Please follow and like us:

1850 · 19th century · Boxed · Dutch · Earrings · Flemish · Gold · Rosecut diamonds · Silver · The Netherlands · Tulip · Tulipmania

Tulip earrings

Herbarium Nr 020 Scientific Name TULIPA Common Name Tulip Type Earrings Place Made in The Netherlands Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Silver, gold, rosecut diamonds Size 30 x 14,4 mm Total Weight 6,35 grams Condition Hooks are a later adjustment Price Sold     Link to an excellent article on the Rijksmuseum website, about the 17th century’s fascination and speculation, called Tulipmania. Please follow and like us: