A cornucopia at Battersea

Precious Flora showed part of the collection floral jewellery 17-22 April 2018 at BATTERSEA PARK. The two photos show the cornucopia of precious floral jewellery displayed in the stand of  TIMEWISE Vintage Watches. It was pure joy to work in the laidback atmosphere at the Battersea Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair. The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance. This one is overflowing with precious floral jewellery. Precious Flora exhibits at art and antique shows and floral events. Link for more information about the next planned events. I am looking forward to your visit, so if you would like to receive an entrance ticket, please feel free…

1950's flower arrangement basket brooch

1950’s flower arrangement

Herbarium No 137 Scientific Name Giardinetti brooch Common Name Basket filled with flowers Type Double clip brooch Place Probably Belgium Date 1950s Collected by Unknown Material Platinum, 750/000 gold 18 k, old mine cut diamonds Size 28,7 x 26,2 mm Total Weight 6,5 grams Condition Good Price Sold     Photo 1: Today’s woman book of flower arranging. Loret Swift, 1954 Photo 2: Platinum & gold flower basket brooch Photo 3: 1950’s Artificial Flowers at the Fancy Goods Department at Woolworths Please follow and like us:

Basket earrings

Basket earrings

Herbarium Nr 123 Scientific Name Unidentified Common Name Baskets filled with gerbera daisies or fantasy flowers Type Basket earrings Place Probably Belgium Date 1950’s Collected by Unknown Material 750/000 yellow and white gold 18 k, synthetic rubies, single cut diamonds. Size 18,8 x 27,4 mm Total Weight 12,2 grams Condition Good Price 2850 EUR     * Please follow and like us:

Basket with Chrysanthemums

Basket with chrysanthemums

Herbarium Nr 88 Scientific Name CHRYSANTHEMUM Common Name Mum or chrysanth Type Basket brooch Place Germany Date 1960’s Collected by K.P Material Carnelian, nephrite, single cut diamonds 585/1000 14 k Size 37,7 x 28,8 mm Total Weight 8,7 grams Condition Good Price Sold     *The 3rd picture is a detail of Flora by Sir Edward Burne Jones and William Morris. Flora seems to be a bit sad, after losing her basket.. The 1960’s gold flower basket brooch with Chrysanthemums was added- an attempt to cheer her up. Please follow and like us:

Harvest basket charm

Harvest basket

Herbarium No. 109 Scientific Name (fruit/flowers, not identified) Common Name Harvest or flower basket filled with white flowers or fruit Type Charm, pendant Place France Date Late 19th century Collected by Maker unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 k natural pearls, seedpearls Size 24 x 15,3 mm Total Weight 1,5 grams Condition Good, 3 pearls have cracks Price Sold     * Please follow and like us:

Earrings Flowerbasket

Earrings with a flowerbasket

Herbarium No 067 Scientific Name (flowers not identified) Common Name Flowerbasket Type Earrings Place Belgium (French occupation) Date 1798- 1809 Collected by Unknown Material 750/1000 gold 18 k enamel Size 83 x 22,6 mm Total Weight 7,5 grams Condition Good Price Sold     * Please follow and like us: