Chrysanthemum cufflinks

Chrysanthemums €380

Herbarium No. 100 Scientific Name CHRYSANTHEMUM Common Name Mum, chrysanth Type Cufflinks Place USA Date 1920s Collected by Unknown Material 585/1000 gold 14 ct, enamel Size 13,5 mm Total Weight 7,5 grams Condition Good Price 380 EUR     The name “chrysanthemum” refers to the Ancient Greek: χρυσός chrysos (gold) and ἄνθεμον anthemon (flower). Depicted on these cufflinks are indeed golden flowers; stylized chrysanthemums Most species of chrysanth or ‘mum’, the common name, originate from East Asia. The chrysanth is, according to Confucius, one of the ‘Four Gentlemen‘ (the other ‘Noble Ones’ being the plum blossom, the orchid, and bamboo), each…

Art deco enamel watch

Art deco flowers €1650

Herbarium No. 143 Scientific Name TEMPUS FUGIT Common Name Geometric floral pattern Type Watch Place Switzerland Date Approximately 1925 Collected by G.F  Case nr 1548764 Material 750/1000 gold 18 ct, enamel, watch, silk strap with period 18 ct gold clasp Size 44,39 x 15,23 mm Total Weight 12,9 grams Condition Good Price 1650 EUR     *   Please follow and like us:


Cattleya orchid €1550

Herbarium No. 078 Scientific Name CATTLEYA (ORCHIDACEAE) Common Name Orchid Type Brooch Place Newark, USA Date Approximately 1920 Collected by Henry Blank & Co Material 585/1000 14 k, enamel, natural pearl Size 22 x 23,8 mm Total Weight 5,2 grams Condition Good Price 1550 EUR     An antique American enamel & pearl flower brooch by Henry Blank & Co, formed as an orchid, enamelled in translucent fondant pastel colours. Around 1900, Newark, New Jersey, was considered to be the USA capitol of jewellery. The majority of pieces were made of 14k gold, embellished by skillfully applied polychrome enamels with only…

1920's · Art deco · Berry · Brooch · Celtic · Coral · Scandinavian

Rowan art deco €3150

Herbarium No. 001 Scientific Name ROSACEAE Sorbus Aucuparia Common Name Rowan Tree Type Brooch Place Made in Stockholm Date T7 = 1921 Collected by Made by Märta af Ekenstam (1880-1939) Material Precious coral, ivory and embossed 750/1000 gold 18ct Size 45 x 33,5 mm Total Weight 12,4 grams Condition Good Price 3150 EUR     This art deco brooch has a characteristic symmetrical shape and sharp colour contrast. The floral ornamentation is stylized, but to recognise as the branches of a rowan, a common tree in Swedish forests. In 1921, when Märtha Af Ekenstam designed this rowan brooch, coral and…