antique diamond lilies spray brooches

Divine diamond lilies

Herbarium No. 117 Scientific Name LILIUM Common Name Lily, Lilies Type A pair of two diamond spray brooches, with detachable fitting Place Europe, probably the Netherlands Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Gold 750/1000 with 585/1000 pins, Silver setting, old mine cut and rose-cut diamonds, natural pearls Size 66,5 x 38,5 (P) & 68,5 x 35,2 (D) mm Total Weight 12,87 (P) & 13,67 (D) grams Condition Good Price 11500 EUR     This pair of diamond set brooches, representing lilies, belongs together. We may presume, due to their detachable fittings, they once formed part of a splendorous set…

Passion flower

Passion flower

Herbarium Nr 118 Scientific Name PASSIFLORA Common Name Passion flower, maypops Type Brooch. Place Europe Date Ca. 1835-1850 Collected by Unknown Material Chalcedony, 585/1000 gold 14 k Size 43 x 33,5 mm Total Weight 11,6 grams Condition Good. With original box Price 925 EUR     The passion flower symbolizes mystical passion and religion.   Please follow and like us:

Antique mirror cut diamond earrings buttercup earrings

Mirror-cut buttercups

Herbarium No 042 Scientific Name RANUNCULUS REPENS Common Name Buttercup, creeping crowfoot Type Earrings Place Made in Belgium Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Total diamond weight ca. 2.2 crt; Mirror cut or table-cut diamonds, 750/1000 pink gold 18 k Size 20,4 x 14,9 mm Total Weight 5,39 grams Condition Good. One of the diamonds is damaged in the corner, probably while the stone was originally set, around 1850. Price 1650 EUR         These antique mirror cut diamond earrings were made in Belgium around 1850, set with table cut diamonds in 18 karat gold. The so-called spread table or mirror-cut…


Slender Fuchsia

Herbarium Nr 031 Scientific Name ONAGRACEAE Common Name Fuchsia Type Brooch. Detachable fitting Place The Netherlands Date Approximately 1850( mark before 1865) Collected by Unknown Material Rose cut diamonds, Amsterdam cut, 750/1000 gold 18 k, silver setting Size 43,3 x 59,2 mm Total Weight 14,08 grams Condition Good Price Sold     The fuchsia  symbolizes abundance and intoxicating beauty, but also assurance and confiding love. These flowers are commonly given on romantic or otherwise significant occasions to represent trust. The dangling stamens further complement the slender pendulous shape of this decorative diamond set brooch. Please follow and like us:

1850 · 19th century · Boxed · Dutch · Earrings · Flemish · Gold · Rosecut diamonds · Silver · The Netherlands · Tulip · Tulipmania

Tulip earrings

Herbarium Nr 020 Scientific Name TULIPA Common Name Tulip Type Earrings Place Made in The Netherlands Date Approximately 1850 Collected by Unknown Material Silver, gold, rosecut diamonds Size 30 x 14,4 mm Total Weight 6,35 grams Condition Hooks are a later adjustment Price Sold     Link to an excellent article on the Rijksmuseum website, about the 17th century’s fascination and speculation, called Tulipmania. Please follow and like us: