Forget-me-nots €1800





Paris, France

Around 1890-1900.

Léon Gariod

Old European cut diamond, 750/1000 gold 18 ct, platinum

Length bracelet 16,5 cm. Width 8,5 mm

18,65 grams





The hallmark on this bracelet is that of Léon Gariod. His company was established by Gaucher and Tonnelier in 1859 and Gariod took over the company 1884. The company with its address in Rue St. Augustin 29 in Paris became specialized in articulated bracelets and mat gold chains with precious stones. What’s interesting about this company is that they worked very closely together with L.Gautrait, an illustrious jeweller of the Art Nouveau period. According to Vever, Gautrait was a “ciseleur-modeleur” and fidèle collaborateur” of the Parisian jewellers Léon Gariod. Vever characterized his colleague as an “excellent perfectionist jeweller with a delicate taste”.

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